Tony Corso, MSPT

Tony Corso, MSPT, is a Polar ambassador, a Take Shape for Life Senior Coach through Optavia, and an active Triathlete. He specializes in treating pediatric Torticolis, concussion rehabilitation and vertigo rehabilitation.

Tony Corso has spent the past 35 years as a physical therapist with emphasis on sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. A lifelong athlete and three-time nationally-ranked Ironman (Lake Placid, NY), Tony competed in gymnastics and track and field in his youth, became an All-American decathlete in college, and became a coach and athletic trainer post-college. Tony received his B.S. in Physical Education (1976) and his M.S. in Special Education (1978) at Long Island University-C.W. Post. Then, went on to receive his B.S./M.S. dual-degree in Physical Therapy (1987) at Long Island University-Brooklyn.

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After graduating with his physical therapy degree, Tony became a graduate adjunct professor for the physical therapy M.S. program at Touro College School of Health Sciences (Bay Shore, NY) and opened his physical therapy practices in 1992. During that time he also worked as a consultant for the Maryhaven Center of Hope (Port Jefferson, NY) and was responsible for evaluating and treating special needs children.

In addition to becoming an athletic trainer, graduate professor, special needs consultant and physical therapist, he recently developed The Concussion Institute. He designed concussion protocols, completed concussion specific certificate programs, such as, "Concussion In Youth Sports Management Seminar (Biodex)" and "Heads Up! Concussion in Youth Sports Training (CDC)". 

Tony also specializes physical therapy rehabilitation treatment for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), Vertigo, and Torticollis. Over the years as a physical therapist, Tony has continued his education by taking courses including, but not limited to, Advanced Treatment of the Lower Extremity, McConnell Patellofemoral Treatment Plan, and Lumbo-Pelvic Integration

Tony's knowledge, skills and experience in sports, physical therapy and special needs have allowed him the opportunity to train many athletes over the years in soccer, track and field, gymnastics and triathlons, as well as treat patients with various conditions. Currently, Tony works full-time at both of his practice locations and competes in triathlons all over the United States.